Summary: This project is an extension of the long-standing Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA), a 14-year longitudinal study of participants followed at multiple sites in North America; this was the largest treatment study for ADHD ever conducted, with primary results being published in 1999. Here, we provide datasets from a subset of MTA participants at 6 sites, both with and without childhood ADHD, who were studied as part of a follow-up multimodal brain imaging examination, which was funded through an ARRA award. The principal aim of the effort was to investigate the effect of cannabis use among adults with a childhood diagnosis of ADHD. The study was a 2x2 design of those with/without ADHD and those who did/did not regularly use cannabis.
Principle Investigators and Senior Personnel:

The Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD (MTA) was a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) cooperative agreement randomized clinical trial, continued under an NIMH contract as a follow-up study and finally under a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) contract.

Collaborators from NIMH:

  • Benedetto Vitiello, M.D. (Child & Adolescent Treatment and Preventive Interventions Research Branch)
  • Joanne B. Severe, M.S. (Clinical Trials Operations and Biostatistics Unit, Division of Services and Intervention Research)
  • Peter S. Jensen, M.D. (currently at REACH Institute and Mayo Clinic)
  • L. Eugene Arnold, M.D., M.Ed. (currently at Ohio State University)
  • Kimberly Hoagwood, Ph.D. (currently at Columbia)
  • Previous contributors from NIMH to the early phases:

  • John Richters, Ph.D. (currently at National Institute of Nursing Research)
  • Donald Vereen, M.D. (currently at NIDA)
  • University of California, Berkeley/San Francisco:
  • Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D. (Berkeley)
  • Glen R. Elliott, Ph.D., M.D. (San Francisco)
  • Duke University:

  • Karen C. Wells, Ph.D.
  • Jeffery N. Epstein, Ph.D. (currently at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
  • Desiree W. Murray, Ph.D.
  • Previous Duke contributors to early phases:

  • C. Keith Conners, Ph.D. (former PI)
  • John March, M.D., M.P.H.
  • University of California, Irvine:

  • James Swanson, Ph.D.
  • Timothy Wigal, Ph.D.
  • Previous contributor from UCLA to the early phases:

  • Dennis P. Cantwell, M.D. (deceased)
  • New York University:

  • Howard B. Abikoff, Ph.D.
  • Montreal Children's Hospital/ McGill University:

  • Lily Hechtman, M.D.
  • New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University/Mount Sinai Medical Center:
  • Laurence L. Greenhill, M.D. (Columbia)
  • Jeffrey H. Newcorn, M.D. (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
  • University of Pittsburgh:

  • Brooke Molina, Ph.D.
  • Betsy Hoza, Ph.D. (currently at University of Vermont)
  • William E. Pelham, Ph.D. (PI for early phases, currently at Florida International University)
  • Follow-up phase statistical collaborators:

  • Robert D. Gibbons, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Chicago)
  • Sue Marcus, Ph.D. (Mt. Sinai College of Medicine)
  • Kwan Hur, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Chicago)
  • Original study statistical and design consultant:

  • Helena C. Kraemer, Ph.D. (Stanford University)
  • Collaborator from the Office of Special Education Programs/US Department of Education:

  • Thomas Hanley, Ed.D.
  • Collaborator from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention/Department of Justice:

  • Karen Stern, Ph.D.
  • Additional investigators for Neuroimaging Substudy:

  • Leanne Tamm, Ph.D., PI (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)
  • James Bjork, Ph.D. (Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research, NIDA)
  • Daniel Mathalon, M.D., Ph.D. (UC San Francisco)
  • Allen Song, Ph.D. (Duke)
  • Bradley Peterson, M.D. (Columbia)
  • Steven Potkin, M.D. (UC Irvine)
  • Claudia Buss, Ph.D. (UC Irvine)
  • Katerina Velanova, Ph.D. (Pittsburgh)
  • Neuroimaging Consultants:

  • Susan Tapert, Ph.D.(UC San Diego)
  • Joshua Kuperman, Ph.D. (UC San Diego)
  • BJ Casey, Ph.D. (Sackler Institute, Cornell)
  • Leah Sommerville, Ph.D. (Sackler Institute, Cornell)
  • Krista Medina, Ph.D. (University of Milwaukee)
  • Neuroimaging Analysis and Interpretation:

  • Terry Jernigan, Ph.D. (UC San Diego)
  • Anders Dale, Ph.D. (UC San Diego)
  • F. Xavier Castellanos, M.D. (New York University)
  • Clare Kelly, Ph.D. (New York University)
  • Acknowledgements:

    Data used in the preparation of this article were obtained from the NIDA MTA Neuroimaging Study database. The study was launched in 2010 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) as a 2-year project of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The primary goal of the study has been to create a data resource of highly standardized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data and neuropsychological assessments for a cohort of individuals participating in the Multimodal Treatment Study for ADHD (MTA) with and without exposure to cannabis. The scientific aim of the project is to increase understanding of the impact of substance use on brain functioning in individuals with and without a childhood history of ADHD. Data used in preparation of this article were obtained from the NIDA MTA Neuroimaging Study database. As such, the investigators within the NIDA MTA Neuroimaging group contributed to the design and implementation of the study and/or provided data but did not participate in analysis or writing of this report.

    This dataset includes:

    Creative Commons License: Attribution - Non-Commercial


    Data collection and sharing for this project was funded by the NIDA MTA Neuroimaging Study (National Institute on Drug Abuse Grant Contract #: HHSN271200800009C).


    Data Release Table

    Note: This data is archived in groups of subjects. If you wish to download individual subjects data or a different selection than the archived files please see here for instruction.

    Raw Data

    Raw Data 0028031-0028111 Raw Data 0028112-0028159

    Preprocessed Data

    Parcellated Data

    SV format, each subjects file contains data from all 8 pipelines. Column labels index the roi and the pipeline name.

    AAL Parcellated Data CC 200 Parcellated Data HO Parcellated Data
    Random 3200 Parcellated Data

    Pipeline 1: ANTS Registered, No Scrubbing, No Global Signal Regression

    ANTS S0 G0 0028031-0028035 ANTS S0 G0 0028036-0028041 ANTS S0 G0 0028042-0028046
    ANTS S0 G0 0028047-0028051 ANTS S0 G0 0028052-0028056 ANTS S0 G0 0028057-0028061
    ANTS S0 G0 0028062-0028066 ANTS S0 G0 0028067-0028071 ANTS S0 G0 0028072-0028076
    ANTS S0 G0 0028077-0028081 ANTS S0 G0 0028082-0028086 ANTS S0 G0 0028087-0028091
    ANTS S0 G0 0028092-0028096 ANTS S0 G0 0028097-0028101 ANTS S0 G0 0028102-0028106
    ANTS S0 G0 0028107-0028111 ANTS S0 G0 0028112-0028116 ANTS S0 G0 0028117-0028122
    ANTS S0 G0 0028123-0028128 ANTS S0 G0 0028129-0028134 ANTS S0 G0 0028135-0028140
    ANTS S0 G0 0028141-0028147 ANTS S0 G0 0028148-0028154 ANTS S0 G0 0028155-0028160

    Pipeline 2: ANTS Registered, No Scrubbing, With Global Signal Regression

    ANTS S0 G1 0028031-0028035 ANTS S0 G1 0028036-0028041 ANTS S0 G1 0028042-0028046
    ANTS S0 G1 0028047-0028051 ANTS S0 G1 0028052-0028056 ANTS S0 G1 0028057-0028061
    ANTS S0 G1 0028062-0028066 ANTS S0 G1 0028067-0028071 ANTS S0 G1 0028072-0028076
    ANTS S0 G1 0028077-0028081 ANTS S0 G1 0028082-0028086 ANTS S0 G1 0028087-0028091
    ANTS S0 G1 0028092-0028096 ANTS S0 G1 0028097-0028101 ANTS S0 G1 0028102-0028106
    ANTS S0 G1 0028107-0028111 ANTS S0 G1 0028112-0028116 ANTS S0 G1 0028117-0028122
    ANTS S0 G1 0028123-0028128 ANTS S0 G1 0028129-0028134 ANTS S0 G1 0028135-0028140
    ANTS S0 G1 0028141-0028147 ANTS S0 G1 0028148-0028154 ANTS S0 G1 0028155-0028160

    Pipeline 3: ANTS Registered, With Scrubbing, No Global Signal Regression

    ANTS S1 G0 0028031-0028036 ANTS S1 G0 0028037-0028044 ANTS S1 G0 0028045-0028052
    ANTS S1 G0 0028053-0028061 ANTS S1 G0 0028062-0028070 ANTS S1 G0 0028071-0028077
    ANTS S1 G0 0028078-0028086 ANTS S1 G0 0028087-0028095 ANTS S1 G0 0028096-0028103
    ANTS S1 G0 0028104-0028110 ANTS S1 G0 0028111-0028120 ANTS S1 G0 0028121-0028129
    ANTS S1 G0 0028130-0028137 ANTS S1 G0 0028138-0028146 ANTS S1 G0 0028147-0028155
    ANTS S1 G0 0028156-0028163

    Pipeline 4: ANTS Registered, With Scrubbing, With Global Signal Regression

    ANTS S1 G1 0028031-0028036 ANTS S1 G1 0028037-0028044 ANTS S1 G1 0028045-0028052
    ANTS S1 G1 0028053-0028061 ANTS S1 G1 0028062-0028070 ANTS S1 G1 0028071-0028077
    ANTS S1 G1 0028078-0028086 ANTS S1 G1 0028087-0028095 ANTS S1 G1 0028096-0028103
    ANTS S1 G1 0028104-0028110 ANTS S1 G1 0028111-0028120 ANTS S1 G1 0028121-0028129
    ANTS S1 G1 0028130-0028137 ANTS S1 G1 0028138-0028146 ANTS S1 G1 0028147-0028155
    ANTS S1 G1 0028156-0028163

    Pipeline 5: FNIRT Registered, No Scrubbing, No Global Signal Regression

    FNIRT S0 G0 0028031-0028038 FNIRT S0 G0 0028039-0028047 FNIRT S0 G0 0028048-0028055
    FNIRT S0 G0 0028056-0028063 FNIRT S0 G0 0028064-0028072 FNIRT S0 G0 0028073-0028081
    FNIRT S0 G0 0028082-0028089 FNIRT S0 G0 0028090-0028097 FNIRT S0 G0 0028098-0028105
    FNIRT S0 G0 0028106-0028113 FNIRT S0 G0 0028114-0028122 FNIRT S0 G0 0028123-0028133
    FNIRT S0 G0 0028134-0028144 FNIRT S0 G0 0028145-0028155 FNIRT S0 G0 0028156-0028165

    Pipeline 6: FNIRT Registered, No Scrubbing, With Global Signal Regression

    FNIRT S0 G1 0028031-0028038 FNIRT S0 G1 0028039-0028047 FNIRT S0 G1 0028048-0028055
    FNIRT S0 G1 0028056-0028063 FNIRT S0 G1 0028064-0028072 FNIRT S0 G1 0028073-0028081
    FNIRT S0 G1 0028082-0028089 FNIRT S0 G1 0028090-0028097 FNIRT S0 G1 0028098-0028105
    FNIRT S0 G1 0028106-0028113 FNIRT S0 G1 0028114-0028122 FNIRT S0 G1 0028123-0028133
    FNIRT S0 G1 0028134-0028144 FNIRT S0 G1 0028145-0028155 FNIRT S0 G1 0028156-0028165

    Pipeline 7: FNIRT Registered, With Scrubbing, No Global Signal Regression

    FNIRT S1 G0 0028031-0028041 FNIRT S1 G0 0028042-0028054 FNIRT S1 G0 0028055-0028070
    FNIRT S1 G0 0028071-0028083 FNIRT S1 G0 0028084-0028098 FNIRT S1 G0 0028099-0028110
    FNIRT S1 G0 0028111-0028125 FNIRT S1 G0 0028126-0028139 FNIRT S1 G0 0028140-0028155
    FNIRT S1 G0 0028156-0028167

    Pipeline 8: FNIRT Registered, With Scrubbing, With Global Signal Regression

    FNIRT S1 G1 0028031-0028041 FNIRT S1 G1 0028042-0028054 FNIRT S1 G1 0028055-0028070
    FNIRT S1 G1 0028071-0028083 FNIRT S1 G1 0028084-0028098 FNIRT S1 G1 0028099-0028110
    FNIRT S1 G1 0028111-0028125 FNIRT S1 G1 0028126-0028139 FNIRT S1 G1 0028140-0028155
    FNIRT S1 G1 0028156-0028167